House Call TeleMed provides quality healthcare via proprietary Mobile Telemedicine Units to patients who are unable to travel easily to a traditional medical facility. These units are furnished with secure videoconferencing equipment, interactive medical devices, and portable diagnostic technology.

Technology Information

Proprietary Mobile Telemedicine Units provide real-time quality healthcare to patients in underserved rural and urban locations and to those unable to reach a traditional medical facility. These units are equipped with progressive medical tools, such as a digital stethoscope, examination camera, EKG apparatus, and digital spirometer. They are operated by a qualified medical professional and supervised by a remote Primary Care Physician with access to fully credentialed Specialists.

The qualified medical professional establishes a secure connection with a remote physician using integrated videoconferencing equipment. Following the physician’s instructions, the qualified medical professional performs the examination with interactive medical devices. The observing physician receives all patient information in real-time, enabling him/her to accurately diagnose and recommend the most effective course of treatment without delay. The patient receives quality healthcare without the inconvenience and cost of traveling. Earlier diagnosis and treatment typically both improves the outcome and reduces the cost of treatment.

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