Who is US TeleMed Services?

US TeleMed Services, Inc specializes in developing and implementing innovative Telehealth and Telemedicine solutions to provide quality healthcare in underserved rural and urban areas throughout the US and around the world. We believe that all people, regardless of geographic location, have the right to accessible, available, cost-effective quality healthcare and we provide the software and equipment to assure this.

We strive to be a leader through proven industry values – Innovation, Ingenuity, and Invention. We firmly believe that we can lead the telemedicine field and transform the vision of what is possible in providing quality healthcare by consistently bringing advanced, innovative technology to those who need it. We will continuously improve our established products and services through on-going R&D to advance the development of Telemedicine and our offerings.


To improve the accessibility, availability, and cost-effectiveness of quality healthcare to underserved, rural and urban locations in the US and the world by promoting the use of secure videoconferencing and interactive medical devices to bring together physicians and patients.

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What can US TeleMed Services offer?

We utilize the world’s most progressive technology to develop innovative, interactive equipment that will change the model of healthcare delivery to underserved, rural and urban locations, increasing availability while reducing costs for the patients that need it most. A qualified medical professional can connect a patient in southern Florida with a physician in northern California using secure videoconferencing for a real-time consultation.

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The Team

We have assembled a team of outstanding individuals from the medical, business, and technical fields to provide a high quality of service while maintaining Best Practices throughout the varied disciplines. This wide array of talent is the crucial ingredient in improving the accessibility, availability and cost-effectiveness of providing quality healthcare to all people, regardless of geographic location.

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